Research and Innovation

Abuti Rams Consultancy (ARC) understands a holistic approach to market research. ARC has a diverse set of offerings that ensure that our clients walk away with in-depth real world data, that can be applied to grow their organisations.

Qualitative Research

We offer all the usual qualitative solutions – from focus groups to immersions; from deep consumer work to B2B interviews.

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Quantitative Research

We pride ourselves in providing bespoke quantitative solutions, meaning that we’ll never box you into a ‘model’: every study we design is based on its own merits and your individual needs.

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Sensory Research

We understand the relationship between your product and your customers. We manage and interpret superb tasking panels.

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Social Research

Through the social research we conduct, we improve and expand on our knowledge of the world by providing decision makers in social policy and intervention projects with the best data possible.

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Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Much of our research work has been done within digital media which forms part of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT). We have conducted various case studies within social media.

Youth Entrepreneurship

Abuti Rams Consultancy (ARC) is committed to conducting research within the youth entrepreneurship sector. This is a pivotal sector for local economic growth within the country.

Youth and Community Development

At the core of our existence as a company lies a great deal of human development. Over the years, we have conducted research within the youth and community development space to support work of Agape Youth Movement (AYM) and other organisations in South Africa.