SA Men Awards

Abuti Rams has been nominated for the South African Men Awards. To vote for Abuti Rams, simply SMS ‘YouthGP Thabang Ramoroka‘ to 34818. No free SMS apply. SMS cost R2. Terms and Conditions apply.

About SA Men Awards

The majority of South Africa’s human capital being men, is engrossed in correctional services, accused of moral degradation and frequently labeled as incompetent agents of society; due gender based violence, child abuse, corruption and other forms of social insecurities. In retrospect, gratitude ought to be dedicated to South African men who have recognized the value of good character above reputable achievements; men who have triumphed mediocrity for the betterment of their communities. The Department of Social Development in partnership with various stakeholders in the private sector, non-profit organizations as well as non-state actors; proudly presents the South African Men of the Year Awards with aim of acknowledging honourable men who are preserving human dignity, alleviating poverty and advocates of positive transformation in their domains.

In addition to the above, the awards are regarded as a Legacy project with a going concern; that will encourage communities to identify role models who have produced tangible developments and projected a moral-standing that is worth noting. The SA Men of the Year Awards should not only be viewed in the lens of rhapsody and as a celebratory event; however it is a project aimed at restoring the identity of South African men, incubating developmental programs in the communities of all provinces to build and encourage vulnerable individuals and to raise a credible morale amongst men in society. The Awards are an annual and national campaign that will serve as a continuous collaborative, between the Gauteng Department of Social Development, other government constituencies and the non- profit organizational sector.

About Abuti Rams

Thabang “Abuti Rams” Ramoroka is a thought leader, digital communications strategist, author, managing director of Biz M8 Communications and CEO of Agape Youth Movement NPC. Abuti Rams has worked with individuals and groups across all markets including teachers, students, young adults, community, political and even religious leaders assisting and guiding them to greater levels of achievement, fulfillment and empowerment in all aspects of their lives. Added to his many roles, Abuti Rams contributes on public youth development dialogues and debates covering topics such as youth entrepreneurship, social transformation and social media having been featured on numerous international and local media platforms.