Living on Borrowed Time – Leon on Life

I’ve learned that each time we are faced with life-threatening situations or lose our loved ones, that’s the moment we get wake-up calls that we are not gonna live forever (as yet). We’re reminded that we are not as superior beings as we thought. Death has a way of humbling us. We are just ordinary mortal beings and one day we shall return to the dust which we come from.
In a recent incident that nearly took a life of my best friend (Leon), I re-learned a cliché lesson: “life is too short and tomorrow is not guaranteed”. I learned to love without conditions, give without expectations, work without complaints, and to share without groanings and moanings.
I have learned how to appreciate the little I have because many people wish they were in my position. I have also learned to take my life and opportunities presented to me very serious, because one minute I might be texting you this message and the other I might be gone from your presence. Life is really that unpredictable.
During a hospital visit, Leon (my friend) said to us “Comrades, the little things you see as simple to you, to me it’s luxury. Walking from here to the door is a mission. Bathing myself is a big task for me. I wish I had that luxury.” In my mind, I kept thinking of the privilege I had. The luxury of being able to do things myself without a need for help. Such, is a blessing we never get to appreciate.
I got home that Sunday evening and listened to Musiq Soulchild who, in his song “Don’t change”, shares lessons on how we should never give up on people and love. In the music video, Musiq narates a story of a man who receives news that his fiancé had will never be able to walk again due to a car crash that took place the same day he proposed to her. At the end of the video, the story is fast-tracked to years later when they are old with grandchildren and the man is asked how he was able to marry the wife even when she was crippled and could have gone for other “abled” and beautiful women. He responded and said: “if you know that you love someone with all your heart, just love them and God will see you through.”
When Leon recovered from a tragic accident of that stole away his loved one, he then sent a short but yet compelling email to few of his friends saying: “While in ICU and barely conscious, I had to go through something I would call ‘fighting for my life.’ See, you make a decision to either live or die. The decision is totally in your hands. It’s just like deciding to wake up on a cold winter morning at 4. There were times I slowly felt life slip away from my grasps. Giving up is easy, you just tell yourself you can’t take this anymore.”
Don’t stop fighting! Fight to live and love.