Want to know the truth?

No one will fully understand what you are trying to do, many will act like they understand and only few will support you in what you want to achieve.

You will explain it to almost everyone you trust, but they will never understand what you are doing and how you plan to achieve it. It is tough for them to believe in something they never experienced let along dreamed.

You don’t have to beat yourself up because when no one sees what you see. Maybe that’s the reason why most of them cannot commit to your dream, but that’s not reason enough for you quit and let things go.

Every big success started with a dream that seems to be too big to achieve or too difficult for people to perceive, but that’s not supposed to stop you from dreaming of achieving.

You go around telling people how difficult that math test is going to be. You don’t go around telling how frightening that big meeting might be. You don’t go around telling people how depressed you. Tell them how blessed you are. Tell them how special, talented and brilliant you are. Tell them how capable and willing you are.

Right now you have a choice my friend. A choice to either listen to those who don’t see what you see, or to keep believing in what you see in your spirit. You have choice to either follow your instinct or quit. But remember that quitting is too easy for you, try something challenging like holding on a bit longer.

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